Sunday, November 27, 2016

Italy Series: Rome

In continuation from my last post, I have now traveled to Rome, full is rich history and amazing shopping!
With modern mixed in with the thousands of years of history, Rome is a city you can get lost in for weeks. I visited for only a short few days, but it felts like I was there for weeks. Rome is one of the best places to get some amazing Italian fashion inspiration from. Every dinner we went to, no matter how formal or informal, men had on dress pants. Most of the time paired with an equally nice blazer. Even through out the day, men and women were not dressed in super casual or athletic clothes. It was very easy to differentiate the tourists from the locals. Here are my top recommendations from Rome!


  • A must on everyone's list is to visit the Trevi Fountain 
  • Go in the Colosseum 
  • Visit the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel
  • Find places that are not as commercialized, those are the best
Where to shop


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