Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lash extensions, Lash dye and lash strips... Oh My!

Im typically very natural, and don't wear very much makeup to begin with! BUT my eyelashes are blonde and hard to see… so I got some extensions! Read on to hear about my experience…

My mom is the one who first told me about extensions, one of her friends had them done and she said they looked incredible and made her eyes bigger. Although that wasn't my issue, I already have big bug eyes, Im very fair skinned so naturally my eyelashes are blonde. I love how my lashes look when I have mascara on them but I envied my friends who were able to wear no makeup and you could still see they had lashes. 

Yes, I have tried dying my eyelashes in the past, which was pretty torturous and felt like there were chemicals in my eyes. But it worked, I heard the more you get them dyed the darker they stay but I just couldn't keep putting myself through that process.

So when I heard about this I told my mom to make me an appointment! When I got there the lady had me lay down on a spa table and asked me what look I was trying to go for, and I told her I wanted them to look more natural rather than full glam. 

First she had to put tape on the waterline of my eye because during the procedure the glue could fall onto the bottom lashes and glue your eye together! Which you definitely don't want! Then she told me I must keep my eyes shut until I'm told to open them again. For the next hour and a half the lady applied the extensions and every so often I would feel tugging and pulling but it was only slightly uncomfortable. The worst part of this whole process was taking the tape off! I definitely recommend you say something before hand if you sensitive skin like me! It felt like she waxing under my eyes! And through teary eyes she showed me my new longer and thicker lashes! It was honestly incredible, it looked like I had mascara on my top lashes and had just forgot about the bottom lashes. I also recommend not doing anything the rest of the day if you have a similar experience to me, thankfully my appointment was at night so I could just go home and go to sleep! But you will definitely be a little red and puffy from the tape… which made me a little crabby. 

The next morning I took a shower, doing my normal routine and washing my face. Now let me tell you these lashes are NOT soft. When I rubbed my eyes with the towel it was a bit like having sticks attached to my lashes and they don't exactly fall out discreetly. 

I had them for about two weeks and felt my daily makeup routine had become MUCH easier because Becauae I didn't have to put mascara on my top lashes only the bottom ones. After all of that I decided to learn how to put strip lashes on and so far I prefer that, I go to sephora for mine and if you want to learn how to use them the sephora workers are very helpful! 

Best of luck! 


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